What is NoSleepTeam? Have you ever stayed up late? Worked so hard that you missed out on sleep? Had a late night out partying? You're on the NoSleepTeam!

NoSleepTeam was founded by the captain Ty Moss back in December of 2013. He's a YouTuber, Skater and Internet guy. It began after Ty started using the hashtag on social media after many late nights working online and grew into what it is today. NST is a clothing company that helps show your dedicating to whatever the NoSleepTeam means to you!

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Fun Fact: If you sleep 7 hours a day, in just one year thats an extra 15.2 days more than someone who sleeps 8 hours a day.

We DO NOT encourage going without sleep or even sleeping less though. Sleep is an important part of your life and there are health risks that come along with sleeping less. At some point everyone stays up late though, if you've ever been there you're welcome on the team. ;)